FORTHCOMING: Portraits of Queen West

Updated: Mar 24

by Kevin Steele (instagram: portraits_of_queen_west)

Black Eye Books is pleased to announce a brand new incursion into sequential art with this collection from photographer and interactive designer Kevin Steele.

Portraits of Queen West, Vol. 1: Bathurst to Spadina will be the first in a series of volumes collecting photos of storefronts of Toronto’s Queen St. West, covering more than a decade of change. Kevin Steele has been taking photos of Queen West since around 2005, amassing thousands of storefront pictures and carefully assembling them into panoramas. The book will include a complete collage of the entire stretch from Bathurst to Spadina, both north and south sides.

Queen Street West from Bathurst to Spadina, Spring 2017, North Side


In a previous life Kevin Steele was a multimedia pioneer, co-founding Mackerel, one of Canada’s first interactive media shops, in 1989. Enthusiasm about digital photography’s potential in web design work put a camera back in his hands at the turn of the century. He’d step out from his Queen West studio to shoot pictures as creative calisthenics and in time the changing storefronts became his main subject. Currently he lives in Saskatoon and works on documentary and book projects. Obviously, Toronto hasn’t seen the last of him.

TBA 2021, full colour, 10" x 8", 80 pages (approx.)