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Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Cartoonist: Jay Stephens

Publisher: Black Eye Books, Toronto, Canada

Format: 5.75" x 8.25" / Full Colour / 136 pages / Perfectbound softcover

Publication date: Oct 1, 2019

web: twitter/instagram/facebook: @blackeyebooks

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September 15 – Crowdfunding Success!

After a successful crowdfunding campaign that also raised $550 for Mental Health Research Canada, Jay Stephens’ Dejects is now available for purchase at select retailers in Canada (The Beguiling in Toronto, Librairie Drawn and Quarterly in Montreal, Strange Adventures in Halifax, and The Dragon in Guelph) and directly from the publisher online.


Dejects is a wonderful collection of Jay’s most bizarre stuff!  A priceless treasure for anyone that digs great cartooning straight from the Id!”—Michael Allred, Madman, iZombie, Silver Surfer

“Stephens is a way ahead of the curve creator whose all-ages style and whimsical approach to comics is timeless.”—Comics Beat

Awards and Recognition for Dejects

  • Nominated for Doug Wright Award: Pigskin Peter (best micro-press publication), 2020

  • Nominated for Joe Shuster Award: Cartoonist, 2020


Best known for his animated television series Jetcat, Tutenstein, and The Secret Saturdays, Jay Stephens has spent the last quarter-century telling stories-with-pictures in his own comic books (SIN, The Land of Nod, Atomic City Tales, Jetcat Clubhouse), alternative weekly strips (Oddville!), monthly kids magazines (Chick & Dee, Arrowhead), daily newspaper comics (Oh, Brother!), and picture books (Monsters!, Heroes!, Robots!, Freaky Fun Activities).

Over the years, many of those comics have been collected in several volumes: The Land of Nod Treasury, The Land of Nod Rockabye Book, Go Power!, Oddville, Jetcat Clubhouse... but what of those characters and pages and strips that didn’t fit in any collection? What became of the Dejects?

Lovingly coloured for this collection, Dejects is the resource for those odds and ends and bits and bobs, from 1991–2019. That’s 136 pages, spanning 28 years worth of Jay’s unique and diverse comics, available here for the first time since their original appearances in print, and some for the very first time anywhere!


  • The complete Nod strips from Toronto’s Exclaim Magazine

  • All previous uncollected Captain Rightful (and the hapless Victim)

  • The Nature Show webcomic

  • Jungle Shi-Tzu

  • Icky Animal

  • Twerp And much, much more!

All in a beautiful full-colour, 5.75" x 8.25" 136-page, trade paperback, printed on luscious cream coloured uncoated paper with matte laminated cover.

Condensed Description:

Dejects brings together Jay Stephens’ previously uncollected comics and strips spanning from 1991–2019. Lovingly coloured for this collection, containing 28 years worth of Jay’s unique and diverse comics, available here for the first time since their original appearances in print, and some for the very first time anywhere! All in a beautiful trade paperback, printed on luscious cream-coloured uncoated paper with matte laminated cover. 

About Jay Stephens:

Jay Stephens is a Canadian cartoonist and illustrator currently living in Guelph, Ontario. He is best known as the creator of Discovery Kids’s animated television series Tutenstein, Cartoon Network’s The Secret Saturdays, and the Jetcat animated shorts for Nickelodeon's anthology series, KaBlam!. Aside from his work in animation, Jay is recognized for several comic book projects, including SIN, The Land of Nod, Atomic City Tales, and Jetcat Clubhouse, and has written and drawn for licensed properties such as Alien, Star Wars, Felix the Cat, and Teen Titans. Jay is the creator of the comic strips, Oddville!, Chick & Dee (in Chickadee magazine), Xtra-curricular and Arrowhead (in OWL magazine), and (with writer Bob Weber Jr.) the daily newspaper strip Oh, Brother!. Jay’s most recent project is Dejects (2019), featuring nearly thirty years worth of hitherto uncollected works.

About Black Eye Books:

From 1993–1998, Black Eye Books published such notable cartoonists as Jay Stephens (The Land of Nod, Atomic City Tales), Nick Craine (Dance Me Outside), Jason Lutes (Jar of Fools, Berlin), Tom Hart (The Sands), Jeremy Eaton (World of Trouble), Matt Madden (Black Candy), James Kochalka (Quit Your Job), Ed Brubaker (Lowlife), Brian Biggs (Dear Julia), and New Zealand's Dylan Horrocks (Pickle, Hicksville).

Relaunched in 2019 by publisher Michel Vrana, Black Eye Books continues its pursuit of publishing eclectic and engaging stories told in the form of words and pictures.

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