December 2020: Dwellings

Updated: 20 hours ago

Black Eye Books is thrilled to launch Dwellings, Jay Stephens’ first ongoing comic book series in over twenty years! Blending retro cuteness with classic small town horror, every issue of Dwellings will feature one complete and self-contained story. The first issue is a tale of murder and crows entitled They Know.

As with previous Black Eye projects, Dwellings is being offered to our readers as a pre-order via crowdfunding, which will run from Oct. 1–31, 2020 on Kickstarter at

Innocent horror. The horror of innocence… A part of you is already familiar with the dark things that dwell just beneath the surface of your town. You could see them more clearly when you were younger, but they are still there. Dwellings is a new comic book series of self-contained southern Ontario horror tales, lovingly drawn in a vintage comics style to most perfectly invoke those half-remembered terrors of youth. The true meaning of the word nostalgia is, ‘to return home in pain’. So let’s get nostalgic, shall we?

Dwellings will be printed for a December release as a 36 page, full-colour, stapled comic book with uncoated interior paper and a glossy cover, just like the comics that inspired it.


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