Jay Stephens’ Dejects Nominated for Doug Wright Award

What an absolute pleasure it is to announce that Jay Stephens’ collection Dejects has been nominated for The Pigskin Peter’s Award, the Doug Wright Award in the category of best small- or micro-press book. Given to (per the site) the ‘author of an experimental, non-narrative or transgressive work that effectively utilizes the comics medium’.

From left to right: Doug Wright Award poster by Hartley Lin, cartoonist Jay Stephens, and the nominated book: Dejects.

The awards are a tribute to Doug Wright, the celebrated creator of the Canadian comic strip Doug Wright’s Family, which ran from 1949-1980. Wright’s work is held up to the same regard as that of other important twentieth-century cartoonists, such as Charles M. Schulz (Peanuts) and George Herriman (Krazy Kat).

As an adjustment due the current Covid-19 situation, this year’s awards will be a live-streamed, virtual ceremony on Saturday, May 9, 2020 at 8 pm EST.

The full listing of nominations can be found at the Doug Wright Awards site here:


Best of luck to all the nominees!


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