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DECEMBER 2021: Jetcat & Friends

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

by Jay Stephens (instagram: jaypopgun)

Following the success of the 2019 release of the full colour Dejects, Black Eye Books is proud to announce that next year will see the full-colour publication of Jetcat & Friends, collecting both The Land of Nod Rockabye Book (Nominated for three Eisner Awards and a Harvey) and Jetcat Clubhouse into one all-ages volume! Jetcat, Space Ape, Tutenstein... and more! All full colour, and in the same format as Dejects, so set aside some space on your bookshelf!

Cover art to Jetcat Clubhouse from Oni Press, 2002.


Alan Moore called Jetcat “a fluorescent milkshake of a comic book, Jay Stephens’ Jetcat is Saturday morning forever, a timely reminder of what comics are there for, and of how good they can actually be.”

The Comics Journal wrote “If Hanna-Barbera delt with existential angst and deconstructionalism, the end result would probably resemble the Land of Nod, the new comic from Jay Stephens. I sincerely doubt, however, that they would do anywhere near as good a job as he has. Make no mistake, this book is quite an achievement.”

Jay Stephens is a Canadian cartoonist currently living in Guelph, Ontario. He is best known as the creator of Discovery Kids’ animated television series Tutenstein, Cartoon Network’s The Secret Saturdays, and the JetCat animated shorts for Nickelodeon's anthology series, KaBlam!. Aside from his work in animation, Jay is known for several comic book projects, including SIN, The Land of Nod, Atomic City Tales, and Jetcat Clubhouse, and has written and drawn for licensed properties such as Alien, Star Wars, Felix the Cat, and Teen Titans. His most recent book is the collection Dejects, released in 2019 from Black Eye Books.

TBA 2021, full colour, 5.75" x 8.25" 240 pages (approx.)



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