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Bruce McDonald Interview

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

by Nick Craine, from Sputnik Magazine #1, November 1993.

Sputnik was conceived as comics anthology with a magazine’s structure; there was a feature story, several back up stories, a small-press profile, and an interview — all drawn in comic book format. That first issue featured Dylan Horrocks’ Black Sun, stories by Carol Swain, Dominic Bugatto, Randy the Skeleton by Ian Carney and Aidan Potts, profile of Adrian Tomine’s work from his mini-comic Optic Nerve, and of course, an interview!

In 1993, cartoonist Nick Craine had connected with Canadian independent filmmaker Bruce McDonald, and was working on the graphic novel adaptation of his film, Dance Me Outside (which would be published by Black Eye in 1994). Nick and I interviewed Bruce together, and Nick spun it into the wonderful hitchhiker tale below.

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