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Dwellings Vol. 5 · Digital Edition

For Mature Readers (Not for children!)


David Lynch meets Little Dot in this disarming and disturbing journey through human trafficking, dismemberment, muderous police, and the curse of a vengeful clown. Though the drawing invokes a familiar, retro, mid-century Harvey Comics vibe, the body horror of Dwellings is not for the squeamish. 

The hunt is on, but Csilla Rozsa is not your average Final Girl. Can she outrun her doom? Can she escape the unjust fate of Pester the clown from 80 years before? Perhaps they can end their nightmare together…


From Harvey and Eisner-Award nominated cartoonist Jay Stephens comes his first ongoing comic book series in over twenty years! Blending retro cuteness with classic small town scares, each 36-page issue of Dwellings is complete and self-contained. 


PDF / Full Colour / 36 pages

Dwellings Vol. 5 · Digital Edition

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