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James Kochalka Box Set

James Kochalka returns to Black Eye Books with a trio of captivating tales – Swords, Spacemen, and Superspies.


In "Elf Cat is Famous," join the swordless and forlorn Elf Cat on a dungeons-and-dragonesque quest to achieve fame with his magic tennis ball sidekick. Navigating petty scams and social media satire, this 100-page black and white adventure cleverly mirrors the artist's struggle in the creative economy.


"Moon Book Prototype" unfolds on the moon, where a lone warrior seeks tranquility to read his book. However, peace is shattered by two brawling warriors in this 20-page, full-color escapade, perfect for fans of The Murderbot Diaries.


In "Duck Fighter," meet a young, blond James Bond facing off against an unexpected adversary – ducks. This absurd 90-page, full-color superspy adventure introduces the Sweet Sisterhood of Duck Appreciation, raising questions about love, enemies, and the absurdity of our times. Will our dashing hero prevail, or is the true enemy within?


With humor, introspection, and a dash of adventure, these three books offer a delightful exploration of Kochalka's imaginative world. Each 6x9 volume delivers a unique experience, from Elf Cat's quest for fame to the lunar battle in "Moon Book Prototype" and the quacky espionage of "Duck Fighter."


ISBN: 978-1-7389200-8-2  | Elf Cat is Famous, 100 pages, b&w | Moon Book Prototype, 20 pages, colour | Duck Fighter, 90 pages, full colour | All books printed 6x9" on 60lb paper with matte laminated covers 

James Kochalka Box Set

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