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That Distant Fire · Limited Edition Hardcover

“Beautifully written, stunningly illustrated and paced, That Distant Fire confronts what our society is today—and what it may become.”
—Ho Che Anderson, King and Godhead


“A harrowing, intelligent story, gorgeously drawn and begging to be revisited often.”
—Noah Van Sciver, The Complete Works of Fante Bukowski


“A beautifully rendered tale of a future that could very well be our tomorrow. Top-notch cartooning.”
—Matthew Allison, Cankor


Originally serialized over the course of a year as a webcomic, That Distant Fire is a gorgeous sci-fi dystopia graphic novel from writer J.R. Hughto and illustrator Curt Merlo.  In this near-future tale, a young couple is on the cusp of inventing a breakthrough medical advancement —the Device—while navigating a time of violent social unrest. 


ISBN: 978-1-7781526-4-1 | 5.85" x 8.75" | 166 pages | full colour | hardscover, high quality uncoated paper with a matte laminated cover 

That Distant Fire · Limited Edition Hardcover

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